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Installing OCSweb on FreeBSD
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The install script ran all the way through this time. The last bits concerned me, though.

chgrp: -R: No such file or directory
ln: /usr/doc/ocs: No such file or directory
chgrp: -R: No such file or directory

Churning through, I found the culprit:

`chgrp $wgrp -R $prefix/ocs`

The code to set $wgrp doesn't work on FreeBSD. I went to /usr/local and did

chgrp nogroup -R ocs

thinking that should do the same thing.

I wasn't worried about the docs; I have the original source, the original docs, and the tarball they came in.

Following the install instructions, I added a <Directory></Directory> entry to my httpd.conf file so that OCSweb could work and restarted apache.

Now, the ultimate test. I fired up the web browser and pointed it at my laptop. A nice login screen appeared. Victory!

Now, on to ocsemail. Extracting the package, I saw that the install routine is pretty much the same as ocsbase. I edited to change the "root" group to "wheel," set $prefix to /usr/local, edited pkg/makefile to eliminate the Linux overhead, and replaced pkg/filelist's root.root entries with root.wheel.

It installed cleanly, on the first try. I was quite impressed with myself, until I tried to log in. OCSweb gave a nice friendly error:

cannot share-lock cookiejar

And httpd-errors proclaimed:

chown: root: illegal group name

Root group. Who ever heard of a "root" group? (Linux. And SysV, and Solaris... Apparently FreeBSD is the odd one out here.) Muttering atrocities, I broke out the sledgehammer:

% grep -r -i root /usr/local/ocs/* > groupoffenders

I found the offending line in lib/ and changed it.

Pages: 1, 2, 3

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