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Half empty, half full

by Andy Lester
Aug. 13, 2003
URL: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/08/13/1516209

The article author says "Microsoft is claiming that half of all MS Windows crashes are the fault of third party code, not their own." The headline on Slashdot blares "Microsoft Code at Fault for Half of all Windows Crashes." I'm not sure which is better. It reminds me of the Aamco commercial that said "Half the cars brought in don't need a new transmission," which says to me that if I take my car in, it's 50/50 that I'll need a new tranny.

Andy Lester is a QA & Release Manager for Socialtext. He is also in charge of PR for The Perl Foundation and maintains over 25 modules on CPAN.

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