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PostgreSQL Articles

Bugzilla Security Problems by Noel Davis
Noel Davis looks at buffer overflows in PostgreSQL, and UnixWare and Open UNIX's ndcfg; and problems in PHP, scponly, the kernel supplied with Red Hat Linux 7.3, Bugzilla, EPIC Script Light, UnixWare DNS Resolver, Mantis, an exploit for the Cisco IOS TFTP Server bug, and Red Hat's tcl/tk and expect.  Aug. 26, 2002

An Interview with Joshua Drake: Coauthor of Practical PostgreSQL by Jonathan Gennick
Joshua Drake, coauthor of Practical PostgreSQL, talks about a Mac OS X distribution of PostgreSQL, XML support, LXP, and much more in this in-depth interview with O'Reilly editor, Jonathan Gennick. Jul. 25, 2002

Making the PostgreSQL and PHP Connection by Joshua D. Drake
Most people who use PHP with open source databases use PHP with MySQL. As an invitation to using PostgreSQL, this article by Practical PostgreSQL coauthor Joshua Drake shows the fundamentals of using PHP with PostgreSQL. Jan. 24, 2002

PostgreSQL's Multi-Version Concurrency Control by Joseph Mitchell
Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) in PostgreSQL helps avoid the frustration that "locks" can cause by making users wait while working in a multi-user database environment. In this article, GreatBridge engineer Joseph Mitchell explains how MVCC works. May. 25, 2001

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