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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Apache FAQ

F. Dynamic Content (CGI and SSI)
How do I enable CGI execution in directories other than the ScriptAlias?
What does it mean when my CGIs fail with "Premature end of script headers"?
Why do I keep getting "Method Not Allowed" for form POST requests?
How can I get my script's output without Apache buffering it? Why doesn't my server push work?
Where can I find the "CGI specification"?
Why isn't FastCGI included with Apache any more?
How do I enable SSI (parsed HTML)?
Why don't my parsed files get cached?
How can I have my script output parsed?
SSIs don't work for VirtualHosts and/or user home directories.
How can I use ErrorDocument and SSI to simplify customized error messages?
Why is the environment variable REMOTE_USER not set?
How do I allow each of my user directories to have a cgi-bin directory?

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