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Apache FAQ
Linux FAQ

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Apache FAQ

E. Configuration Questions
Why can't I run more than <n> virtual hosts?
Can I increase FD_SETSIZE on FreeBSD?
Why doesn't my ErrorDocument 401 work?
Why does Apache send a cookie on every response?
Why don't my cookies work, I even compiled in mod_cookies?
Why do my Java app[let]s give me plain text when I request an URL from an Apache server?
How do I get Apache to send a MIDI file so the browser can play it?
How do I add browsers and referrers to my logs?
Why does accessing directories only work when I include the trailing "/" (e.g. but not when I omit it (e.g.
Why doesn't mod_info list any directives?
I upgraded to Apache 1.3 and now my virtual hosts don't work!
I'm using RedHat Linux and my .htm files are showing up as HTML source rather than being formatted!
My .htaccess files are being ignored.
Why do I get a "Forbidden" message whenever I try to access a particular directory?
Why do I get a "Forbidden/You don't have permission to access / on this server" message whenever I try to access my server?
Why do my files appear correctly in Internet Explorer, but show up as source or trigger a save window with Netscape?

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