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Four short links: 30 May 2014
by Nat Torkington
Video Quality Report — transparency is a great way to indirectly exert leverage. Control Your Traffic Flows with Software — using BGP to balance traffic. Will be interesting to see how the more extreme traffic managers deploy SDN in the …

Four short links: 21 March 2014
by Nat Torkington
Hack — PHP with types, generics, collections, lambdas. From Facebook. Solve Hard Things Early — Build great habits around communication and decision-making when everyone still knows each other well. Marginally Useful (Paul Ford) — The last two decades have suggested …

Four short links: 28 February 2014
by Nat Torkington
Programming Minecraft Pi with Python — an early draft, but shows promise for kids. (via Raspberry Pi) Terasaur — BitTorrent for mad-large files, making it easy for datasets to be saved and exchanged. Bucky — Open-source tool to measure the …

Puerto Rico Python User Group Celebrates First Anniversary
by Kevin Shockey
On February 20, 2014 prPIG will celebrate our first anniversary with an open format meeting with lightning talks from the community. The meeting will be held at 7:00pm in the Puerto Rico Science, Research, & Technology Trust. More details

Four short links: 31 January 2014
by Nat Torkington
Bolts — Facebook’s library of small, low-level utility classes in iOS and Android. Python Idioms (PDF) — useful cheatsheet. Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book — Markdown source in github. Notable for elegance and instructive for those learning to optimise. …

Four short links: Jan 1 2014
by Nat Torkington
Witrack — tracks the 3D motion of a user from the radio signals reflected off her body. It works even if the person is occluded from the WiTrack device or in a different room. WiTrack does not require the user …

Four short links: 10 December 2013
by Nat Torkington
ArangoDB — open-source database with a flexible data model for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient sql-like query language or JavaScript extensions. Google’s Seven Robotics Companies (IEEE) — The seven companies are capable of creating …

Four short links: 21 November 2013
by Nat Torkington
Network Connectivity Optional (Luke Wroblewski) — we need progressive enhancement: assume people are offline, then enhance if they are actually online. Whoosh — fast, featureful full-text indexing and searching library implemented in pure Python Flanker (GitHub) — open source address …

Four short links: 15 November 2013
by Nat Torkington
Google Wins Book Scanning Case (Giga Om) — will probably be appealed, though many authors will fear it’s good money after bad tilting at the fair use windmill. IBM Watson To Be A Platform (IBM) — press release indicates you’ll …

Four short links: 12 Nov 2013
by Nat Torkington
Quantitative Reliability of Programs That Execute on Unreliable Hardware (MIT) — As MIT’s press release put it: Rely simply steps through the intermediate representation, folding the probability that each instruction will yield the right answer into an estimation of the …

Mining the social web, again
by Mike Loukides
When we first published´┐ŻMining the Social Web, I thought it was one of the most important books I worked on that year. Now that we’re publishing a second edition (which I didn’t work on), I find that I agree with …

Four short links: 17 October 2013
by Nat Torkington
Pencil — An open-source GUI prototyping tool that’s available for ALL platforms. lmctfy — open source version of Google’s container stack, which provides Linux application containers. ASCII WWDC — searchable full-text transcriptions of WWDC sessions. Cryptogeddon — an online infosec …

Four short links: 10 October 2013
by Nat Torkington
ActiveLit — interactive fiction as literacy tool. (via Text Adventures blog) Your Car is About to go Open Source (ComputerWorld) — an open-source IVI operating system would create a reusable platform consisting of core services, middleware and open application layer …

Four short links: 8 October 2013
by Nat Torkington
Lightworks — open source non-linear video editing software, with quite a history. Puzzlescript — open source puzzle game engine for HTML5. pudb — full-screen (text-mode) Python debugger. Freelan — free, open-source, multi-platform, highly-configurable and peer-to-peer VPN software.

Four short links: 27 September 2013
by Nat Torkington
The Amen Break (YouTube) — fascinating 20m history of the amen break, a handful of bars of drum solo from a forgotten 1969 song which became the origin of a huge amount of popular music from rap to jungle and …

Four short links: 19 September 2013
by Nat Torkington
How Jim Henson Turned His Art Into a Business (Longreads) — When Henson joined on to the experimental PBS show Sesame Street in 1968, he was underpaid for his services creating Big Bird and Oscar. Yet he spent his free …

Four short links: 9 September 2013
by Nat Torkington
How Google’s Defragging Android (Ars Technica) — Android’s becoming a pudgy microkernel for the Google Play Services layer that’s in userland, closed source, and a way to bypass carriers’ lag for upgrades. Booting a Self-Signed Linux Kernel (Greg Kroah-Hartman) — …

Four short links: 30 August 2013
by Nat Torkington
intention.js — manipulates the DOM via HTML attributes. The methods for manipulation are placed with the elements themselves, so flexible layouts don’t seem so abstract and messy. Introducing Brick: Minimal-markup Web Components for Faster App Development (Mozilla) — a cross-browser …

Four short links: 17 July 2013
by Nat Torkington
Hideout — augmented reality books. (via Hacker News) Patterns and Practices for Open Source Software Success (Stephen Walli) — Successful FOSS projects grow their communities outward to drive contribution to the core project. To build that community, a project needs …

Four short links: 7 June 2013
by Nat Torkington
Accumulo — NSA’s BigTable implementation, released as an Apache project. How the Robots Lost (Business Week) — the decline of high-frequency trading profits (basically, markets worked and imbalances in speed and knowledge have been corrected). Notable for the regulators getting …

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